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Monday, February 21, 2011

My Response to the SBI Investigation

No one should be dancing around these allegations at this point. Voter confidence is at stake, the credibility of appointed and elected officials and the proper use of our tax dollars are all in question at this point. I have done almost 2 years of the needed investigative work, the next step is the implementation of “due process.” I want to know the truth by the use of proper methods, this is America let us act like it, we have a rule of law and we should use it.

I still disagree with the conclusion of the SBI’s investigation, or the interpretation of it relating to, “the single incident,” in that, it did not matter if this was an “isolated incident or a wider case of voter fraud,” it was an illegal act either way, with negative consequences attached to it. Again, this particular case should be dealt with and investigated properly. I am pleased to hear that the other “improprieties at the elections office.” have not been disregarded as well.

This individual did not, “attempt to vote twice.” she “actually” voted twice 3 people Jimmy Bonham, County Commissioner, Everett Witherspoon, and the Clerk of Court-Susan Frye who were members of the same alliance, accompanied and assisted her to vote. She also alleged that she had a heated exchange with Everett Witherspoon after she was interviewed by the state investigator Marshall Tudor. She alleged that she did not want to vote a third time, although Everett Witherspoon insisted, she refused to vote again. The voter ballot fraud is just one instance out of many that I have alleged which fall under the category of election crimes.

Was there a Conspiracy? Of course, by definition there was a secret plan or agreement between these three people and other members of the alliance to comment illegal acts. Webster’s dictionary has clearly defined the word conspiracy, using terms such as two or more people, committing illegal acts, and etc.

I have not publicly used the term conspiracy, however, I will now because that is exactly what it should be called, it is an appropriate title to use. In fact, I can prove the existence of an alliance of at least 6 people, and the proof of the alliance is not an allegation it is a fact.

The individuals are: 1. County Commissioner Everett Witherspoon, 2. Clerk of Court-Susan Frye, 3. Jimmy Bonham. 5. Malisha Woodbury, and 5. County Commissioner-Walter Marshall these people worked under the leadership of the 6th person, State Representative Earline Parmon.

I remain,
Gardenia M. Henley

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