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Friday, August 16, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

THE HENLEY REPORT III (PART ONE)  - We all must get very serious and take action. We know what needs to be done. Help me to take charge and level the playing field.  VOTE HENLEY FOR CONGRESS, N.C. 5TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT !!!

Documentation Supporting The Allegations Listed In The Report

  1. The Letter showing the President of the Nonprofit Corp. the Winston-Salem Alliance is the Current Mayor of Winston-Salem, NC - Allen Joines. SEE EXHIBIT A (click to view)
  2. The Articles of Incorporation from the State of North Carolina for The Millennium Fund Board of Directors.  Note that the Current Mayor Allen Joines and Others are on the list of directors.  SEE EXHIBIT'S B,C,D (click to view)
  3. The letter to Dell Inc., from the Current Mayor Allen Joines requesting  Reimbursement of $2,774,228.00 to his Non-Profit Corp., the Millennium Fund.  SEE EXHIBIT E (click to view)
  4. The Letter to Dell Inc., from the Current Mayor Allen Joines Requesting Reimbursement of $308,622.00 to the Non-Profit Forsyth County Development Corporation SEE EXHIBIT E (click to view)
  5. The Letter from Mayor Allen Joines while during his Official Capacity as Mayor, he requests reimbursement of money to 2 Nonprofit Corp's, be placed in the City of Winston-Salem's public owned Bank account.  Note that the city of Winston-Salem, N.C. Letter head was again used.  SEE EXHIBIT E (click to view)
  6. The Letter from the City of Winston-Salem stating that Dell Inc. did reimburse funding to the two Nonprofit Organizations and Dell Inc. did deposit the private non profit funds into the City of Winston-Salem's Public Bank Account SEE EXHIBIT F (click to view)
  7. The Letter showing the 2 Nonprofit corporations (the Millennium Fund and the Forsyth County Development Corporation Funds were Co-Mingled with the City of Winston-Salem's Tax Payers Money.  SEE EXHIBIT F (click to view)
  8. The City of Winston-Salem, NC Official List of Incentive/Investment Funds Given to Dell Inc., The Ball Park, and Caterpillar, and Many Others. SEE EXHIBITS G-1 & G-2 (click to view)
  9. The N.C. State Board of Elections has on file a Campaign Contribution of $1000 given to Mayor Allen Joines from Ralph Womble on December 28, 2012.  Ralph Womble is also on the Nonprofit Millennium Fund Board of Directors SEE EXHIBIT H (click to view)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Actions Taken on Allegations Identified Within The Henley Reports

Current Status:

Management of the State of North Carolina -  I clearly asked the Attorney General, Mr. Roy Cooper for an investigation into illegal and unethical acts committed by the current Chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Elections, Ms. Linda Sutton.  My request was ignored.

The FC Democratic Party chairman, Mrs. Susan Campbell has stated that she submitted the Former FC Commissioner Mr. Beaufort Bailey's name to the N.C. State Board of Elections as the number one choice to be the chairman of the FCBOE. Therefore, the North Carolina State Board of Elections must have ignored the people's vote in Forsyth County for Mr. Beaufort Bailey. (click here to view the response)

Management of the State of North Carolina - This is a memo that was sent to Mr. Roy Cooper, Attorney General for the State of North Carolina and Mrs. Beverly Purdue, Governor for the State of North Carolina, asking for an investigation into the alleged illegal and unethical conduct of the Chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Elections, Ms. Linda Sutton. This memo was time sensitive.  (Click here to view the memo)

Management for the City of Winston Salem - I presented a cover letter and The Henley Report to Mayor Allen Joines, the members of the Winston-Salem City Council and to the city of Winston Salem's ethics officer informing them of the alledged unethical conduct of Council Member Derwin Montgomery - (Click here to view the city's response)

Management for Forsyth County - County Manager, Dudley Watts shared that he works directly for the Board of County Commissioners.  He further stated the Board of Elections is supervised by the State Board of Elections and by statute the County is only responsible for funding the operation.  He advised that the Board of Elections is a separate board and it would be  inappropriate for him to be involved in the investigation.  However, on June 30, 2010, he received an audit report from the Forsyth County Internal Audit Division which identified management actions for the Director of the Board of Elections, Rob Coffman. (note - please refer to page 3 of the Forsyth County Internal Audit Report)

Responsible State of North Carolina Officials for Forsyth County - Have not applied the rule of law to allegations in The Henley Report.  They will not request an independent investigation into the well-founded allegations.

Click here to view notifications to the above organizations and agencies of the investigations.

Forsyth County Board of Elections Audit Report

County Manager Dudley Watts' questionable role relating to the operations of the Forsyth County Board of Elections.
(link to report) FCBOE Audit Report

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"You're asking her to perjure herself!" Comment.....

Below is an audio recording of the Forsyth County Board of Elections meeting where Judy Speas is asked to comment on absentee ballot counting. (click link below or listed under Audio Recordings)

(Audio) You're asking her to perjure yourself!

FCBOE Meeting Feb 7, 2011 concerning WSSU Audit

Chris Duffy, current Forsyth County Board of Elections employee responding to my question on the audit process used in determining the validity of votes cast at WSSU.  I respond to inform the public on how the audit process that was used is flawed and offered the Forsyth County Board of Elections a proper method of auditing those votes.  (click link below or listed under Audio Recordings)

Audio of WSSU Audit Process

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Response to the D.A.'s Investigation

This is my response to the D.A.s investigation.

Who determined the scope of this investigation? I would like to review the SBI’s findings and recommendations. Some one missed the boat on this one.

In this case, it did not matter if this was an “isolated incident or a wider case of voter fraud,” it was an illegal act either way. This particular case should be dealt with and investigated properly. Candidates accompanied this individual while voting several times. This part of the voter fraud issue and investigation must be dealt with.

The individual who voted more than once could very well plead ignorant to the law but, the 3 individuals (Jimmy Bonham, Everett Witherspoon, and Susan Frye) who accompanied and assisted this voter to vote more that once can not by any stretch of the imagination. We need to set an example for the rest of the counties in the state of North Carolina.

In this case, the consequences of committing a federal offense should be dealt with, whether it was one person or a thousand people violating the law. I believe that state officials know that if they prosecute this individual, she will sing like a humming bird and will verify what I have been saying all along.

To conclude that “this was not a wide spread case of voter fraud,” indirectly confirms that their was -in fact- a finding of voter fraud, that must be properly dealt with.

Jim O’Neill is another person who should not be investigating FCBOE, I have identified him as another person who is in conflict with the elected officials who helped this woman vote more than once. He as well as others, including Frank Dickerson have helped to finance the alliance members campaign who were helping this woman voter and others vote more than once, I can prove it.

I remain,
Gardenia M. Henley

My Response to the SBI Investigation

No one should be dancing around these allegations at this point. Voter confidence is at stake, the credibility of appointed and elected officials and the proper use of our tax dollars are all in question at this point. I have done almost 2 years of the needed investigative work, the next step is the implementation of “due process.” I want to know the truth by the use of proper methods, this is America let us act like it, we have a rule of law and we should use it.

I still disagree with the conclusion of the SBI’s investigation, or the interpretation of it relating to, “the single incident,” in that, it did not matter if this was an “isolated incident or a wider case of voter fraud,” it was an illegal act either way, with negative consequences attached to it. Again, this particular case should be dealt with and investigated properly. I am pleased to hear that the other “improprieties at the elections office.” have not been disregarded as well.

This individual did not, “attempt to vote twice.” she “actually” voted twice 3 people Jimmy Bonham, County Commissioner, Everett Witherspoon, and the Clerk of Court-Susan Frye who were members of the same alliance, accompanied and assisted her to vote. She also alleged that she had a heated exchange with Everett Witherspoon after she was interviewed by the state investigator Marshall Tudor. She alleged that she did not want to vote a third time, although Everett Witherspoon insisted, she refused to vote again. The voter ballot fraud is just one instance out of many that I have alleged which fall under the category of election crimes.

Was there a Conspiracy? Of course, by definition there was a secret plan or agreement between these three people and other members of the alliance to comment illegal acts. Webster’s dictionary has clearly defined the word conspiracy, using terms such as two or more people, committing illegal acts, and etc.

I have not publicly used the term conspiracy, however, I will now because that is exactly what it should be called, it is an appropriate title to use. In fact, I can prove the existence of an alliance of at least 6 people, and the proof of the alliance is not an allegation it is a fact.

The individuals are: 1. County Commissioner Everett Witherspoon, 2. Clerk of Court-Susan Frye, 3. Jimmy Bonham. 5. Malisha Woodbury, and 5. County Commissioner-Walter Marshall these people worked under the leadership of the 6th person, State Representative Earline Parmon.

I remain,
Gardenia M. Henley

My website is:

Forsyth DA clarifies statement on claims of voter fraud

Forsyth DA says claims of voter fraud beyond one woman's attempt to vote twice have not been investigated and dismissed