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Friday, August 16, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

THE HENLEY REPORT III (PART ONE)  - We all must get very serious and take action. We know what needs to be done. Help me to take charge and level the playing field.  VOTE HENLEY FOR CONGRESS, N.C. 5TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT !!!

Documentation Supporting The Allegations Listed In The Report

  1. The Letter showing the President of the Nonprofit Corp. the Winston-Salem Alliance is the Current Mayor of Winston-Salem, NC - Allen Joines. SEE EXHIBIT A (click to view)
  2. The Articles of Incorporation from the State of North Carolina for The Millennium Fund Board of Directors.  Note that the Current Mayor Allen Joines and Others are on the list of directors.  SEE EXHIBIT'S B,C,D (click to view)
  3. The letter to Dell Inc., from the Current Mayor Allen Joines requesting  Reimbursement of $2,774,228.00 to his Non-Profit Corp., the Millennium Fund.  SEE EXHIBIT E (click to view)
  4. The Letter to Dell Inc., from the Current Mayor Allen Joines Requesting Reimbursement of $308,622.00 to the Non-Profit Forsyth County Development Corporation SEE EXHIBIT E (click to view)
  5. The Letter from Mayor Allen Joines while during his Official Capacity as Mayor, he requests reimbursement of money to 2 Nonprofit Corp's, be placed in the City of Winston-Salem's public owned Bank account.  Note that the city of Winston-Salem, N.C. Letter head was again used.  SEE EXHIBIT E (click to view)
  6. The Letter from the City of Winston-Salem stating that Dell Inc. did reimburse funding to the two Nonprofit Organizations and Dell Inc. did deposit the private non profit funds into the City of Winston-Salem's Public Bank Account SEE EXHIBIT F (click to view)
  7. The Letter showing the 2 Nonprofit corporations (the Millennium Fund and the Forsyth County Development Corporation Funds were Co-Mingled with the City of Winston-Salem's Tax Payers Money.  SEE EXHIBIT F (click to view)
  8. The City of Winston-Salem, NC Official List of Incentive/Investment Funds Given to Dell Inc., The Ball Park, and Caterpillar, and Many Others. SEE EXHIBITS G-1 & G-2 (click to view)
  9. The N.C. State Board of Elections has on file a Campaign Contribution of $1000 given to Mayor Allen Joines from Ralph Womble on December 28, 2012.  Ralph Womble is also on the Nonprofit Millennium Fund Board of Directors SEE EXHIBIT H (click to view)