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Monday, March 21, 2011

Actions Taken on Allegations Identified Within The Henley Reports

Current Status:

Management of the State of North Carolina -  I clearly asked the Attorney General, Mr. Roy Cooper for an investigation into illegal and unethical acts committed by the current Chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Elections, Ms. Linda Sutton.  My request was ignored.

The FC Democratic Party chairman, Mrs. Susan Campbell has stated that she submitted the Former FC Commissioner Mr. Beaufort Bailey's name to the N.C. State Board of Elections as the number one choice to be the chairman of the FCBOE. Therefore, the North Carolina State Board of Elections must have ignored the people's vote in Forsyth County for Mr. Beaufort Bailey. (click here to view the response)

Management of the State of North Carolina - This is a memo that was sent to Mr. Roy Cooper, Attorney General for the State of North Carolina and Mrs. Beverly Purdue, Governor for the State of North Carolina, asking for an investigation into the alleged illegal and unethical conduct of the Chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Elections, Ms. Linda Sutton. This memo was time sensitive.  (Click here to view the memo)

Management for the City of Winston Salem - I presented a cover letter and The Henley Report to Mayor Allen Joines, the members of the Winston-Salem City Council and to the city of Winston Salem's ethics officer informing them of the alledged unethical conduct of Council Member Derwin Montgomery - (Click here to view the city's response)

Management for Forsyth County - County Manager, Dudley Watts shared that he works directly for the Board of County Commissioners.  He further stated the Board of Elections is supervised by the State Board of Elections and by statute the County is only responsible for funding the operation.  He advised that the Board of Elections is a separate board and it would be  inappropriate for him to be involved in the investigation.  However, on June 30, 2010, he received an audit report from the Forsyth County Internal Audit Division which identified management actions for the Director of the Board of Elections, Rob Coffman. (note - please refer to page 3 of the Forsyth County Internal Audit Report)

Responsible State of North Carolina Officials for Forsyth County - Have not applied the rule of law to allegations in The Henley Report.  They will not request an independent investigation into the well-founded allegations.

Click here to view notifications to the above organizations and agencies of the investigations.

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